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Guided Tours

Wild and feral horses in the Schorfheide area
A special experience for horse lovers and friends of nature in the semireserve Liebenthal and the herd of feral horses called "The Liebenthaler horses"
I offer a guided tour of about three hours and over a distance of 8 km. The tour starts at the Domestic Animal Park Liebenthal (about 70 km north of Berlin). There will be a short introduction about the area, its history, about wild horses, and the status of game animals in the area. In the nearby semireserve the observation of Przewalski's Horses, mouflon, and fallow deer will be possible from an observation tower by means of telescopes and a distance measuring instrument.

Following this observation, we will walk to the herd of Liebenthaler horses. About 100 animals living free all over the year in complete family groups are unique in Germany. The special keeping conditions and the aims of this herd will be explained. A topic will be entering the enclosure for direct contact with the animals and behavior observations. Dogs in the enclosure not possible!

For up to 2 persons.


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Dr. sc. K.M. Scheibe

Guided tours in the semireserve Liebenthal

Guided tour to "The Liebenthaler horses"

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The "Liebenthaler" herd of
feral horses