Objects of arts …natural material jewelleryArt Made by Dr. Scheibe

The basis of these objects are antlers of red deer, fallow deer, or roe deer. These animals change the antlers annually, to develop larger ones afterwards.

The antlers used for jewellery mainly originate from the Domestic Animal Park and Wild Horse Enclosure Liebenthal, north of Berlin. In the enclosure live fallow deer together with Przewalski's Horses and mufflon in a semireserve, open for visitors (see guided tours).

The antlers got cut in pieces of convenient shape, and combined with other natural materials like wood, corals, and stones. The pieces of the antlers are only cleaned,and  shall demonstrate  the beauty of the naturally grown structure. All pieces are handmade and unique.

Further information about the Domestic Animal Park and the enclosure you will find at the external link:

Arts Made by Dr. Scheibe

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tin-plane Made by Dr. Scheibe

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Anhänger Made by Dr. Scheibe
Dr. sc. K. M. Scheibe